Mobilize semi & skilled workforce to power new projects


Bulk deployment - Blue Collar Workers

"We specialize in blue collar recruitment and it is the key in various industries." "We assist in deploying migrant workers from 9 known migratory states of India to the place of actual demand. With over 300+ field recruiters we are able to source the right candidate that befits our clients core requirements" "We have a well formed network of field and backend recruiters to help you fulfill some critical functions in and within city limits not crossing over 30 Kms radius" "Our relationships and tie up with various Govt and non-Govt Techinical institutes have helped place thousands of technicians through the country."

We have helped mobilise 100 K + semi-skilled and trained blue collar candidates to various organisation to date. With customized and end to end hiring services, we can help source, techicians, workers, tailors and recruit suitable candidates who will fit into the job role offered by the company.

We help in hiring blue collar candidates for various industries such as Textile, BPO, Construction, Security, Manufacturing, etc. Our team follows a line by line procedure- they intervie the candidates, train them for relevant skills and prepare them for the job roles. We make sure that the employee are well-equipped with the relevant skills and training in order to fit with the job role offered.