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Founded in 2007, we stepped into the Blue-Collar / Grey-Collar recruitment domain and since inception, we have placed more than 100 thousand youths and women across various states in India.

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About Us

Founded in 2007, we stepped into the Blue-Collar/Grey-Collar recruitment domain and since inception, we have placed more than 100 thousand youths and women across various states in India into an array of sectors such as Retail, Logistics, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Roads or Highways, Construction amongst others.

Backed by institutional investors and well established corporate entities with its corporate office in Mumbai and branches all over India.
A vision that was an ingredient to give back to the society in a way that would add value in the sequence of chained events, in building a strong nation.

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"We specialize in blue collar recruitment and it is the key in various industries." "We assist in deploying migrant workers from 9 known migratory states of India to the place of actual demand.

Flexi staffing service

"Building an agile and flexible workforce requires an easy and fast access to expert talent, available on short notice. Pipal Tree offers a pool of pre-screened talent,hired on our rolls, from labours, technician and other manufacturing or process driven level positions.

Foreign placements

Pipal Tree is in the works to provide youth of India employment opportunities globally as well. It is our government’s aim to make India the skill capital of the world and to share our high-quality skilled workforce for the rest of the world


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Pipal Tree Online

Pipal Tree was founded in 2007, and stepped into the Blue Collar/Grey-Collar recruitment domain. The objective was clear– to equip the youth and women with employability skills in infrastructure and construction areas where there is a huge demand for skilled workers to make them financially self-dependent.